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Ayurvedic consultations last about an hour.  Your AHP will determine your doshic makeup at birth, your Prakruti, and the current state of your Doshas, your Vikruti.  From this information, she/he will work up a treatment plan that will involve life style suggestions, foods and recipes, physical practices, possible spiritual practices and herbs. Over time, your… Read more »


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Herbs as food and medicine have nurtured human beings from the dawn of time.  Ayurveda has brought the use of herbs to a high science where one who has studied the ancient texts can reliably choose the appropriate herbs for many imbalances.  Your Ayurvedic health practitioner will investigate the best herbal formulas for you.

Bliss Treatments

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An Ayurvedic Bliss treatment consists of Abhayangha (specific warm oil application to the body), Nasya (dosha-specific oil in the nasal passages) and Shiro dara (warm stream of oil poured continuously on the forehead).  These treatments can also be part of Pancha Karma, but are offered by HTLB as one-off treatments to help keep the nadis… Read more »