Catherine Robbins,


Catherine is a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda in Nevada City, CA having received her Ayurvedic Health Practitioner (AHP) credential in 2012.  A native of Chicago, she has lived all over the country including Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Princeton and San Diego and she currently resides in New Orleans, LA with her husband David and two kitties, Pizza and Sunny.  Catherine’s road to Ayurveda has been a long and varied one.  Having received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana, she has held the following positions: Research Biochemist in both academia & industry, Statistician for Aerospace manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Specialty Representative, and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry and Biology.  Catherine feels that understanding Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga, is not only an extension of her scientific training, she feels Ayurveda provides the “missing link” between what we can achieve in Western Medicine and true physical, psychological and spiritual healing.  Ayurveda translates from the Sanskrit as “Knowledge of Life” and it has been her training in Ayurveda that has helped Catherine re-establish balance and health in her life and in the lives of her clients. Catherine is also a Kripalu Certified Yoga teacher (KYTA-275hr).  Catherine is a skilled teacher and lecturer and greatly enjoys giving Ayurvedic talks at Medical schools, Yoga Studios, and especially during Yoga Teacher Training programs. Catherine is also available for Ayurvedic cooking lessons and she is currently teaching a weekly Meditation class at the Bikram Yoga New Orleans Studio. ጀ

Ayurveda in New Orleans:
In 2013, Catherine established her Ayurvedic Practice in New Orleans under the Louisiana Health Freedom Law RS 37:1742.1. Catherine provides Ayurvedic life style consultations, Ayurvedic Bliss treatments & Pancha Karma and she has her own Herbal Apothecary where she creates individualized formulas for her clients.